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Welcome from the Program Director

Emergency Vehicles

Welcome to the Cook County Hospital Radiology Residency website.  Our residency only accepts residents who we believe can handle the demanding rotations and calls that we have here at this institution. The challenge of our institution stems from the difficult cases that we encounter and the speed at which we are required to interpret those cases under the pressure of waiting consultants and the limitations of working in a government-run institution with limited resources.

We seek candidates who are self-starters. They are able to plan their own education in addition to the education provided by the residency. They are able to handle difficult interactions with other members of the health care team professionally and competently under duress. When they see a problem, they are able to start to solve those problems on their own and ask for help when needed. The successful resident takes the lead on their own self-care.

We seek candidates that want to work with the indigent population. We seek candidates who can maintain their compassion and see the inherent value of each person without regard to their life situation.


The successful resident graduates with the ability to interpret accurately with speed and are able to handle any employment situation offered to them. 

Our radiology department has the spirit and camaraderie that is birthed from working side-by-side under challenging conditions. If this is something that you seek, please consider our program.

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