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Ugly Holiday Sweater Competition December 2022
Lorena beat us all out with the rip in her collar held together by the ID badge. Thank you to Mae for putting up stockings for all the attendings and residents!

December 2022: Resident Retreat at Top Golf and meal

October 2022: Spa lunch break! People had so much fun. Already looking forward to 2023 Spa lunch break.


September 2022:

Dr. Michelle Cho organized soap-making. We had a grand time making our personalized soaps. Our department smelled like a spa!


July 2022:

Anna and Alisha organized a wellness flower arranging event for the residents, attendings and staff. We had a great time. Rest and relaxation are integral to creative solutions to complex issues, resilience and productivity.

April 2022:

Baby Guessing Contest: Tiffany Cummings was our 2022 winner who got the most guesses correct. She received a $50 Visa gift card for her sleuthing. We have some cute babies working here! Congratulations Tiffany!

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