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Cook County Hospital in the Media

Cook County Hospital is shown in the media and has a rich history. You only have to google "Cook County Hospital" "ER" "Trauma" or some such combination and you will find multiple descriptions of our hospital in words or on video.


Message to the potential resident: Guess who is going to reading all the images of the patients you see in the videos? YOU ARE! Guess is who is going to be talking to the residents and attendings seen on those videos? YOU ARE! Even as a radiology resident, you will be an integral part of the team taking care of these patients. 

There are also multiple shows based on Cook County Hospital.

  • TV series "ER"

  • 1993 Movie "The Fugitive"

There are also some documentaries on Cook County Hospital

  • 1979 BBC documentary "Man Alive" 

  • Click here to read about "Chicago Trauma"

  • Click here to see  "Chicago: Stroger Hospital of Cook County" 

  • Click here to see trailer for "Cooked"

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